The Author

Francis W. Hoeber

As the descendant of a family committed to the betterment of the societies in which they lived, Francis W. “Frank” Hoeber spent nearly 45 years in public service, partly as an administrator for the National Labor Relations Board and partly as an executive in the New Jersey court system.  At the same time he was deeply engaged in the study of both American and European history. In the 1980s, Hoeber began exploring a massive archive of his family’s papers dating back to the early nineteenth century.  Although his parents were German immigrants, they rarely spoke German at home and Hoeber had to undertake extensive study to become sufficiently fluent to decipher and translate the documents.  In 2010, Hoeber left his public service career to devote full time to the transcription, translation and annotation of the letters that make up Against Time:  Letters from Nazi Germany, 1938-1939.  His website, Hoeber:  A Family Over Three Centuries, has attracted readers and historians from around the world.

Hoeber lives with his wife, the artist and poet Ditta Baron Hoeber, in Philadelphia.  He holds degrees from Columbia University and Temple University.

Hoeber welcomes the opportunity to speak to students and to historical and cultural organizations about Against Time.  Click the “Contact” tab above to send a speaker request.

Hear Francis Hoeber discuss Against Time with Loraine Ballard Morrill here.

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